At Lifestyle Health Advisors, we are strategic thinkers. We provide top-quality group benefits with unique flexibility through regional PPO Networks and a high-touch customer service experience. We are dedicated to offering quality, affordable health benefit solutions for our members and sponsoring employers. Our innovative plan designs, alternative funding structure, integrated wellness and lifestyle improvement programs, and employee incentives provide you with a unique and personalized health benefits solution for groups with 5 to 500 employees.

It's a Wellness Thing

We are convinced that one of the greatest causes of unaffordable healthcare is the underlying issue of employee health behaviors. We've found the problem - it's our collective health behaviors that are costing us so much each year! Our philosophy and approach is 'wellness-driven healthcare' that not only takes care of you when you need it the most, but helps you live out your whole, healthy life now.

Did you know that over 75% of healthcare dollars go to preventable conditions? Through our extensive research, we've found that one of the best ways to impact this statistic within an employee population is to target wellness through the actual health plan design. By building your benefits on a level-funded insurance platform, you have the opportunity to integrate both cost containment checks and balances along with population health and wellness incentives.

wellness-driven healthcare

We're Level Funded & It's Changing Everything

Lifestyle Health Plans is a group health benefits solution built on an a Level Funded platform and designed from an insurance perspective that differs from traditional self-funded plans. The plan is ‘level funded’ meaning that by design, any risk to the sponsoring employer has been removed beyond the 12 months of premium paid.

By blending a specific and aggregate custom stop-loss insurance coverage in partnership with a host of A-rated reinsurance partners, participating employers are able to gain the flexibility they desire without taking on the risk associated with traditional self-funding. Innovative and responsive, the Level Funded platform design is changing the face of group benefits for employers and we're please to be at the frontend of this evolution throughout the Southeast United States.

How it Works

If you are currently covered by a fully insured plan, your monthly premiums are locked in. Even if you are healthy and have no claims, you pay your premiums and the insurance company keeps any savings. Lifestyle Health provides you the ability to receive a portion of your health benefit dollars back if your claims are below targeted claim levels. In addition, no matter how much your claims are in any plan year, you will never pay more than the monthly cost quoted to you.

The monthly group health premium paid to Lifestyle Health Plans for your group is comprised of three separate components: Administration Costs, Custom Stop Loss Insurance Coverage (CSL) and Claims Funds. Your maximum annual claims, including claims run-off liability, are predetermined and you pay 1/12 of this cost each month for the 12 months of your plan year. After you have paid this amount, there are no other charges for the claims fund. Once all claims have been paid for the plan year, any unused dollars in the claims fund will be used to reduce future premium rate increases. In the event of plan termination, each employer is eligible to receive back any unused dollars in the claims fund.

Cost Containment Strategies

Strategically managing healthcare costs is a key focus of Lifestyle Health Advisors. We seek to align with benefit consultants and employer groups who are ready to work with a set of cost containment tools within their group health plan that actually work!  Traditional benefit designs and cost management techniques have been relatively unsuccessful in assisting employers and their members with cost containment.  Lifestyle Health Plans has integrated a number of cost management programs and benefit coverage solutions into our plan designs.

We partner with our members to provide multiple cost-effective healthcare delivery options, education with regards to the cost differentials, and then freedom for the member to decide where they would like their care provided. In the end, empowering change through consumer awareness is a unique difference offered through Lifestyle Health.

Only as Good as our Networks

For a Level Funded program like Lifestyle Health, success with regards to employer cost containment and employee experience depends largely on our provider access. Lifestyle Health Advisors has pioneered building strategic partnerships through out the Southeast United States for access to some of the best Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Networks. Given the flexibility to interface with regional and local networks, along with national network partners, our approach can be custom tailored to the needs of each individual employer. It an age of 'one size fits all' marketplace solutions, wouldn't it be nice to design benefits strategically, even down to the providers who are involved?

Dedicated Customer Service

Navigating the complexities of group health benefits can be difficult for employers and employees alike. Each year, as additional provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) go into place, we know that even more questions will arise. Medova Healthcare Group, the administrator for Lifestyle Health Plans, is committed to leading the industry by providing a unique, refreshing approach to healthcare benefits with the needs of individual clients in mind. This approach has formed the foundation of our collective partnership and Lifestyle Health Advisors shares this strategic alignment, driven by the committment to 'do the right thing' in every opportunity and instance. Our desire to serve our agents, clients, and members is quickly apparent as you begin your Lifestyle journey with us.