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Lifestyle Health Plans Group Health Benefits Program

Innovation, Flexibility & Compliance

Lifestyle Health Plans is an innovative, ACA-compliant group health benefits solution designed for employers with 5 to 500 employees. Our Level Funded benefit program provides 16 standard major medical health plan designs, supported with a host of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) options to provide employers with a turnkey approach toward ACA-compliance. Though innovative plan designs, value-added benefits from consumer-driven program features, integrated wellness improvement programs, and employee incentives, Lifestyle Health Plans provides quality care while also delivering successful cost-containment strategies.

Some of Lifestyle Health's covered benefits include: physician office visits, outpatient lab services, physical therapy & chiropractic services, urgent care & ER services, and tiered Rx benefits.*

Additional Benefits of Lifestyle Health Plans

*Some benefit information below provides a few of the benefits designed into all Lifestyle Health Plan offerings. Detailed descriptions, eligible expenses, and exclusions are described in the Summary Plan Description as well as copay, co-insurance, and deductible information.

Lifestyle Health Advisors provides value-based plan designs with integrated wellness programs for affordable group health coverage.

​Incentivized Healthy Behaviors

Wellness is an integral, fully-incentivized component of Lifestyle Health Plan's success. Lifestyle Wellness offers a host of reward incentives for active participation in wellness and health risk management activities. Plan participants can activate their Care Plan Deductible every year and enjoy a $1,000 savings differential for active participation with their personalized care plan! By staying engaged and earning additional Rewards+ Points, plan members can further earn down their elected deductible over time - with up to a $2,000 deductible savings possible for the next year on the program for those who activate their Care Plan each year! 

​$0 Copay with OnCall MED Telemedicine Concierge Service

With the changing face of medicine, Lifestyle Health Plans offers integrated telemedicine as a key component of every plan design, at no additional cost to employer or employee participants. Access to a board-certified physician is just a phone call or e-mail away - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. OnCall MED is a value-added feature that improves physician access while reducing costs from unnecessary office, urgent care or emergency room visits.

OnCall MED concierge telemedicine is available at $0 Copay for plan participants
DirectHealth and Just Diabetic Solutions are two ways members can save on out-of-pocket costs

​100% Coverage for Outpatient Labs & Diabetic Supplies

DirectHealth is a value-added lab benefit program with 100% coverage through your Lifestyle Health Plan - designed to save you significantly on your out-of-pocket lab costs. Coupled with our Just Diabetic Solutions benefit, there's no more out-of-pocket costs for diabetic testing supplies. Through this integrated diabetic supply benefit program, members can receive all of the testing supplies they need - including a new meter, test strips and lancets - shipped quarterly at no cost.

​Care Coordination for Imaging Services & Outpatient Surgery

Let Lifestyle Health's Care Advocates help you handle the stress of scheduling important imaging testing or surgeries with our Care Coordination Services. Our Care Coordinators provide unique patient concierge and care coordination services designed to put the patient first and assist with the scheduling of MRI, CT, and Pet Scans as well as outpatient surgery services.

Our Care Coordinators can take the questions and stress out of outpatient imaging and radiology procedures
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