Group Vision Plans

Lifestyle Vision Plans are offered in partership with VSP

Savings You Can See

Lifestyle Vision Plans has teamed up with VSP® Vision Care to provide your group clients competitive vision plans specifically designed to complement Lifestyle's wellness-inspired group health benefits program.

Our Vision Plans are designed to offer all that employees will need in terms of annual eye exams, lenses, frames and contact lenses. Lifestyle Vision offers your group clients two cost-competitive plan designs with both In-Network and Out-of-Network benefits - in the same wellness-inspired spirit of the other Lifestyle families. Now offered as a stand-alone product, let us protect your vision and your pocket with our integrative benefit that will have you seeing the coming years.

Highlights of our Vision Plans:


Lifestyle Vision and VSP provide a comprehensive eye exam every 12 months

VSP WellVision Exam®

VSP WellVision Exam® Every 12 months, a complete eye exam is covered at 100% with $10 copay, when utilizing an in-network provider.

Lifestyle Vision and VSP provide an comprehensive frame allowance every 24 months with $25 Copay

Prescription Glasses - Frames

Every 24 months, covered benefits for standard frame allowance and featured brand frame allowance through VSP are included with a $25 copay.

Lifestyle Vision and VSP provide specific benefits on lenses every 12 months

Prescription Glasses - Lenses

Every 12 months, Single Vision, Lined Bifocal and Lined Trifocal Lenses are covered at 100% when utilizing an in-network provider. Polycarbonate Lenses for dependent children are also included in-network.  Specific allowances are included for Progressive Lenses and other lens enhancements.

Lifestyle Vision and VSP provide allowances for contact lens fitting and evaluation every 12 months


Every 12 months, contact benefits include allowances for contact lens fitting and evaluation, as well as a lens allowance in lieu of frames.  

Please Note

The information outlined above provides the general plan of benefits designed into all Lifestyle Vision Plan offerings. Detailed descriptions, eligible expenses, and exclusions are described in the Summary Plan Description. For more details and for information on bundled pricing, contact us.